Founded in 1911

Officially formalized in 1949, King Cove is a federally recognized Alaska Native Village.

King Cove remains committed to the conservation of its heritage, determined to preserve its traditional culture as well as its homeland. Bold Cape is humbled to join them in these efforts as an Alaska Native Village Corporation.

With fishing at the heart of their community, King Cove resides on the Pacific side of the Alaska Peninsula and is a part of the Aleutian Islands. The Native people of the greater Aleutian and Pribilof Islands refer to themselves as Unangax in their own language, Unangam Tunuu. The more widely known name, Aleut, was attributed by colonizers in the mid-1700s. Today, Unangax are spread throughout the globe with many still residing in Alaska. They remain a resourceful, kind people dedicated to the success of all their descendants.

Our Why

In 1972 Bold Cape’s parent company, King Cove Corporation (KCC), was established to provide sustainable growth for the Native Village of King Cove, and their endeavors expanded into government contracting in 2010. Initially enrolling 351 shareholders, KCC has grown to nearly 475 shareholders. As a KCC subsidiary, Bold Cape embraces the Aleut culture and supports the shareholders through our projects for both Federal and commercial clients worldwide.